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Friday, February 13, 2009


I have a question.

I enter a ton of contests. I have definitely noticed I win blog contests more than any other kind of contest. I have also noticed I win non-daily contests more often that not. But...has anyone noticed if it helps to blog, post buttons, tweet, etc?

Thanks for your input.


Jingle said...

I have noticed that it helps to have an extra entry or two from time to time. Particularly in ones with over 200 entrants. Thanks for following my blog!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I've entered a lot of giveaways in the last couple of months and only won one thing. Congrats on winning so many!

Liz said...

Yes, congratulations! I win quite infrequently...

Jane Anne said...

I love winning giveaways! I haven't won that many but it is fun to try and extra fun to win. Generally I don't do the extras (follow, post, tweet). I imagine it helps your chances. I just don't usually take the time to do it.

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