Friday, August 1, 2014

My "Real" Job - Working with Special Needs People

I always talk about my hobbies, friends, pets, side jobs, family, and almost everything on this blog.  But, I rarely talk about my day job.  I only work part time, but it is such an amazing place!

I work in the home office of a woman who runs programs for special needs kids and adults.  Our most recent program was a camp to learn how to ride a two-wheeled bike.  This was back in June, but when I made a photo collage of it, I realized I should tell more people about what I do!

We also have programs all year such as baseball, basketball, football, cheerleading, yoga, and more!



A few times a year, we also do dances, which are more for all ages instead of just for kids.  These dances are a fun time for families to come out, have a meal, participate in tons of games and activities, and to meet other families!  They are always so much fun!

Our Valentine's Day Dance, 2014

I think if I didn't work for my boss, I would definitely want to volunteer for her.  Our programs include so many people and provide them with opportunities they might not have otherwise.  I love all of the people and families that I have met in the last few years.

Do you volunteer anywhere?  Are there special needs programs like these in your city?