Sunday, January 28, 2018

January Books Read

I surpassed my reading goal for January!  I managed to read 7 books!  I always keep track of the books I read every year on my blog sidebar, so feel free to follow along with my reading!

The Ice Cream Makers by Ernest van der Kwast was the only book I didn't really like.  I read the whole thing because I was curious about the story line, but it took a lot of effort for me to pick up the book.

The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham was a light and fun book.  It followed the story of a woman like no one you have ever met before!

Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews was an amazing story!  I could hardly put it down.  It is the story of a family and their friends, running an independent soda company in a small town.  I would highly recommend this book!

Mind Tryst by Robyn Carr was also really good.  She normally writes more romantic type books, so I was excited to read a suspense book by her.  It is about a woman who moves to a small town to get away from her past, but then she starts having problems.

Wired by Julie Garwood was another really good book.  It is about a super genius computer programmer.  It doesn't talk about programming really, so you don't have to be a computer nerd to love this book.  If you are like me, you will find yourself rooting for her!

The Summer that Made Us by Robyn Carr was also fantastic.  It is about sisters and cousins and the lake house they grew up in.  Books like this are the reason Robyn Carr is one of my favorite authors.

The Store by James Patterson felt like the future, when Amazon takes over the world.  It is a good reminder to all of us to remember not to let the internet, Amazon, etc take over our lives!

I hope my short by sweet book reviews have maybe given you an idea or two for your next book to read.  If you have any great books for me, let me know!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Red Pavilion in Meridian

When my mom was visiting me a few weeks ago, we tried a Chinese restaurant called Red Pavilion in Meridian.  I had heard some good things about them and wanted to check them out.

They start you off with a big bowl of crispy noodles and sweet and sour sauce.  I could just eat that and be happy LOL

This was honey almond chicken.  It was different from anything I have had before, but it was good!

This is something similar to fried rice.  It looked mild, but was actually really flavorful.

This is chicken egg fu young.  The sauce was a bit spicy,but the flavor was great!

I just wanted a picture of the food on my pretty leaf plate LOL

I have really struggled to find a good Chinese restaurant in Idaho.  I think this is the best so far (minus the buffets).

Sunday, January 14, 2018

My First Time at a Dog Show

A few months ago, I went to the Treasure Valley Dog Show, a local dog show.  They have agility and traditional show ring competitions.  It was my first time ever going to a dog show, and it was the coolest thing ever!

When we first walked in, there were young children and teenagers using balloon animals to do a mock dog show.  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my whole life!

I had to get a picture of a cocker spaniel with a show cute since my Hunter will never look like this! LOL

When I was a little kid, Bedlington Terriers were my favorite breed of dog.  I thought they looked like sheep and I really wanted to own one.  I was really excited to see one here.

I honestly think I took a picture of this Dalmation for my mom.  They used to be so common years ago, and now I feel like they are actually kind of rare.

Who could resist a picture of this Poodle with a full show cut and brush out?  I work at a veterinary clinic, so we mainly see pets who are cut fairly short.  It was amazing how different all of the dogs look with completely different hairstyles.

I honestly cannot wait to go back this year.  I would like to spend more time there next time just watching all of the breeds compete.  This really was heaven for a dog lover like myself.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Campos Market in Nampa

Everyone knows I love trying out new restaurants.  I had a friend bring me to an authentic Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago and it was so delicious!

My friend ordered the mojarra dorada (a whole fried fish).  She said it is her favorite thing there.  I don't think I could eat a whole fish though lol

I ordered chicken flautas.  They were amazingly delicious.

I'm not always a huge fan of Mexican food, but I would happily go back to Campos Market anytime.

What's your favorite Mexican food dish?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

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I decided to once again try to start blogging. What better time than the new year????  I normally don't even make new year's resolutions, but these are some things that I would really like to happen in the coming year.  I don't think any of them are extremely difficult to achieve, so hopefully they will all happen!

1. Blog at least once a week
2. Read at least one book per week
3. See my local family more often
4. Go to bed consistently earlier on work nights
5. Stop using the snooze button on work mornings
6. Hold Jack and Lenny (my guinea pigs) more often to see if I can get them to like me
7. Go to the gym at least twice per week
8. Go to yoga at least twice per week
9. Take Hunter (my doggy) to the dog park at least once per week (weather permitting)
10. Stay current on entering giveaways (through

Do you have any resolutions this year?

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Deli Days or Jewish Food Festival

Now that the weather is warmer, all of the fun food festivals are happening!  After the success at the Greek Food Fesitval, I knew I had to try Deli Days this year!  I rounded up a group of friends, and off we went!

This is a photo of the original Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel temple.  It was moved from its original location to its current location.  I can't even imagine how you move a whole building!

I picked an all beef hot dog on a challah roll for lunch.  I only ever eat turkey dogs so this was a delicious treat!

My friend Lauren ordered a hot pastrami sandwich and a kosher pickle.

We shared a potato knish. I need to learn how to make these because they are delicious!

In order to get my cute little Israeli flag, I had to eat a really bad piece of gefilte fish from a jar.  I have only ever had cooked loaves of gefilte fish, and I will be sticking with those from now on.  But at least I have a sticker to prove I did it!

Much like at the Greek Festival, I used all of my leftover tickets to buy desserts.  They seemed to have desserts from every Jewish holiday through the year, but I tried to buy things that I don't have all the time.

This was a random cookie and I have no idea if it is Jewish or not, but it did taste good!

This is a hamentaschen filled with chocolate.  I didn't get any on Purim this year, and this one was especially delicious!

They also had music to listen to while you ate.  We were there during the time that Chava Mirel was singing, and she was really good!

Have you ever tried any Jewish foods before?  Do you have a favorite?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Reviews: My (not so) Perfect Life, The Trophy Child, and The Apartment

I go through phases where I barely read, and then I go through phases where I finish a book every few days.  Right now I am reading a book every few days.  Getting a library card when I moved to Idaho is one of the smartest things I have ever done!

I haven't read a ton of books by Sophie Kinsella, but "My (not so) Perfect Life" was on display at the library and sounded good, so I gave it a try.  It is about a woman around my age who lives in England and pretends to have a perfect life.  Her facade kind of unravels as the book goes on, but it is nice to get to know the real her instead of the person she pretends to be.  Reading this book made me want to read more books by Sophie Kinsella.

"The Trophy Child" by Paula Daly was also on display at the library.  Coincidentally, it also takes place in England.  It is about a "helicopter" or "tiger" mom, and what she puts her family through.  I have never read a book by Paula Daly before, but it was so not what I expected it to be that I will be looking for more books by her in the future!

"The Apartment" by Danielle Steel was a typical book by her, but I absolutely loved it.  It is about 4 friends who share an apartment in Hell's Kitchen in New York.  I love the friendships and romances in her books.  It didn't hurt that the characters in the book were all right around the same age as me.

I have 5 more library books sitting on my dresser waiting to be read, so be ready for more book reviews/recommendations!