Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've Read 3 Books So Far This Year!

My only 2014 goal that I have kept so far is reading 1 book per week.  I have finished 3 books so far and I have enjoyed all of them a lot!

Lake News by Barbara Delinsky takes place mostly in a small town which I always love.  I have always wanted to live in a place where everyone knows everyone else - even though I would only enjoy it for a short time.  I felt really connected to the main character in the book and I was really rooting for her throughout!

Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel was an amazing love story about a young woman and the older pilot who she couldn't get out of her mind.  I love that their story spanned decades.  I haven't met that one person yet who I know I am meant to be with...but maybe one day!

I love all of James Patterson's books.  Private #1 Suspect was no different.  I loved how many story lines were happening in this one book.  It definitely kept me interested!  I think I have missed some of the books in this series so I would love to go back and read them.

Have you read any good books yet this year?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals for 2014

I don't really like the word "resolution", but there are some things I hope to accomplish in 2014 and I want to share them publicly on my blog so I am a bit more accountable for them.

1) I want to do more yoga.  I currently average 3 classes a week.  I would like to increase to 4-5 classes a week.
This is crow pose, and I am really close to achieving it.  I would definitely like to get there this year!

2) I want to continue lighting Shabbat candles each Friday night as I have been doing for the last few months. I started in memory of a man who passed away in our community, and I really want to continue.  It's hard some weeks because you have to light by a certain time each week but so far, so good.

3) I want to eat healthier and menu plan more.  I eat out too often and eat way too much dessert.  I'm not going to stop, I just want to cut back!

4) I want to read at least one book per week.  Sometimes I read multiple books in a week, and sometimes I barely read in a month.  I love to read, so this should be easy!

5) I want to write at least one blog post a week.  I have been blogging for years but always start and stop.  I would like to become more consistent.

I think that's about it.  I would love to hear what your goals are for this upcoming year!