Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals for 2014

I don't really like the word "resolution", but there are some things I hope to accomplish in 2014 and I want to share them publicly on my blog so I am a bit more accountable for them.

1) I want to do more yoga.  I currently average 3 classes a week.  I would like to increase to 4-5 classes a week.
This is crow pose, and I am really close to achieving it.  I would definitely like to get there this year!

2) I want to continue lighting Shabbat candles each Friday night as I have been doing for the last few months. I started in memory of a man who passed away in our community, and I really want to continue.  It's hard some weeks because you have to light by a certain time each week but so far, so good.

3) I want to eat healthier and menu plan more.  I eat out too often and eat way too much dessert.  I'm not going to stop, I just want to cut back!

4) I want to read at least one book per week.  Sometimes I read multiple books in a week, and sometimes I barely read in a month.  I love to read, so this should be easy!

5) I want to write at least one blog post a week.  I have been blogging for years but always start and stop.  I would like to become more consistent.

I think that's about it.  I would love to hear what your goals are for this upcoming year!


AudreyO said...

I like your goals. One of my goals for 2014 is to read more. I too love books and have many to choose from. I currently even have about 100 on my kindle.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great goals. I wish I had time for more yoga.

Tammy said...

I don't typically make 'resolutions' either, mostly because I usually fail at them ;) This year though I'd really like to be more organized, I'm not doing too good at it so far though, LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a great list of goals. I honestly don't have too many goals per say. I am on track with the ones I made years ago and keep pushing through with them. At this time, I would like to setup a business plan for the year, because in all reality I have been just "Winging it" working from home and this is my first FULL year of having full time hours at home without kids. Last year I only had a few months.

Anonymous said...

Great post idea! All the best on meeting your goals.

As for mine, my top one is to finish the second draft of my novel. I also want to create a tribute scrapbook for my two pets who died this past year. Beyond that, I'd like to land some freelance writing contracts but am fuzzy about specific numbers.

My other main resolution is rather abstract, which is to play more often this year. I tend to readily make schedules and commitments. Even reading is a serious venture, because I review what I read. But, life is short. Relaxing more could be a good thing. :-)

Serendipityissweet said...

Sounds like you have some great plans for the new year!

Terra Heck said...

I wish you all the best with your goals. I'd like to read more books this year too. My main goal this year is to pass the minimum skills requirement test for roller derby by April.

his little lady said...

Wow, one book per week! I wish I could do that! You go girl!! :)
xo TJ

Ginny Marie said...

These are great goals! I think I used to read your blog a long time ago, didn't I? I'm looking forward to reading more, so stick to #5! ;)

Hilary said...

I try not to make resolutions.. that way I won't break them. But yours sound like fine goals, one and all. I'm touched by #2. Shabbat Shalom.