Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've Read 3 Books So Far This Year!

My only 2014 goal that I have kept so far is reading 1 book per week.  I have finished 3 books so far and I have enjoyed all of them a lot!

Lake News by Barbara Delinsky takes place mostly in a small town which I always love.  I have always wanted to live in a place where everyone knows everyone else - even though I would only enjoy it for a short time.  I felt really connected to the main character in the book and I was really rooting for her throughout!

Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel was an amazing love story about a young woman and the older pilot who she couldn't get out of her mind.  I love that their story spanned decades.  I haven't met that one person yet who I know I am meant to be with...but maybe one day!

I love all of James Patterson's books.  Private #1 Suspect was no different.  I loved how many story lines were happening in this one book.  It definitely kept me interested!  I think I have missed some of the books in this series so I would love to go back and read them.

Have you read any good books yet this year?


Ginny Marie said...

I'm reading The Gods of Gotham right now. (I can't remember the author's name.) It's about the beginning of the police force in New York City. I'm really enjoying it!

RuffDayReviews said...

It's so great that you're keeping with your goals! I have read some awesome books and just started The Clockworkers. It's almost fairytaleish and I'm loving it so far! My very first of the year was Where's You'll Find Me by Erin Fletcher. Sooo good! It set the bar very high for 2014!

Terra Heck said...

I've only read one book this year and I'm only halfway through it. It's called Into You and I'll be doing a review for it later this month. Good luck with your reading goal!

Ameena said...

So you recommend this Danielle Steel? I'd kind of given up on her because her books were so rushed and formulaic. Maybe I will give Lone Eagle a shot!