Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dog Sitting and Walking

Whew, it has been a really long time since I have blogged but I feel inspired to write right now because I just got home from dog sitting and I already miss her.

Hunter with Outside and Outside hanging out on the couch

I have watched a few dogs in the past, but only when asked randomly by people.  After being asked to walk someone's dog over winter break, I realized I should walk dogs and dog sit more since I love it!

Loki at his house and Hunter with Loki

It is so fun to get to meet new dogs and to introduce them to my dog, Hunter.

Truman (who just passed away from cancer) and Roxy (who we watched for a while after her owner passed away)

Siddy the hyper yellow lab

Have you ever watched anyone else's pet before?  I sure hope I get to continue watching my current pet friends and to make new ones!

Zak, who I walked and took to the dog park only.

Kaleb and Keira


Angel The Alien said...

Dog sitting is so much fun! Some friends of mine who used to volunteer with me at the same pet rescue organization, also used to foster dogs, and several times every summer they would ask me to dogsit whatever dogs they had for a few days or a week while they traveled. It was so much fun. One summer, I got to spend several weeks babysitting a mama black lab and eight adorable puppies! I love dogs so much. I would make a full time job of it if I could.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I haven't dog walked or babysat a stranger's dog before. But I'm known around my neighbourhood as the dog lover :p I've walked and babysat all my neighbours dogs. I'm so happy they feel comfortable around me and trust me with their beloved fur babies.

Keep doing what you love, life is too short ;)

Take care,
Healthy Pets Journal

Deirdra said...

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