Monday, September 22, 2008


As some of you know, I have been exercising and trying to eat healthy (which is harder than exercising). I have lost weight which is good, but I have more to go. Our exercise routine has gotten really boring, as we do a day of machines, a day of cardio, and then back to machines.

I have done three things to change things up:

1) I have switched my cardio from the elliptical to this machine that is a treadmill with two sides that both move separately. It burns more calories and it's nice to be on a new machine.

2) Instead of doing 3 sets on a machine and then going to the next machine, I am now doing what I think is called "circuit training". As soon as I am done on one machine I go to the next machine. I do 3 complete rotations of the machines.

3) I tried a step class on Saturday morning. It kicked my butt! It was really challenging (there were a few moves I couldn't get down) but also really fun.

Hopefully these new things will help me to get into even better shape!

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