Monday, February 16, 2009

I Had an Awesome Day

My mom and I made plans today to go for a lunch buffet at Round Table Pizza and to the 99 cent store.

The buffet was really cool. The salad bar was nice and the pizza was delicious and there were many flavors. They also had breadsticks, cinnamon dessert sticks, and pudding!!!

The 99 cent store was a little smaller than the one we normally go to but we still found good stuff.

But when we left...I noticed a used book store having a 20-80% off sale. Wow...what a neat store. We found out that if you give them your old books, the ones you buy with your store credit are 50% off. I can't wait to go give them all of my old books!

Too bad this all happened in a town 45 minutes away....and the lunch buffet is only on it bad to play hooky from work for pizza?? :)

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