Saturday, October 16, 2010

Santa Barbara Axxess Blogging...Year 2 #1

My town, Santa Barbara, has their own book like the Entertainment Books. It is $30 each year and starts on Oct 1. These books have tons of discounts on golf, retail stores, restaurants, amusement parks and more.

Last year, I was determined to use my card more than the 6 times I had used it the year before.  Unfortunately, I already threw away my old card so I don't know exactly how many times I used it.  I do know I achieved my goal though!

This year, I want to take even more advantage.  I have already bought movie passes, in anticipation of saving money at the movie theater!

And...I already went to my first restaurant and got my first punch.  My mom, dad, and I went to China Pavilion on Chapala.  They are on the fancier side, a bit expensive, but have delicious food.  The Axxess offer is Buy 2 Entrees, Get 1 Free.  We ordered Pine Nut Fish, Beef & Broccoli, and Lemon Chicken.  They were all great!  We all shared, but I ate a ton of the Lemon Chicken.  It was like a fancy chicken tender in yummy lemon sauce!  I would have eaten a lot more of the fish if it was in big pieces instead of little cut up ones.  And  beef isn't my thing...but the broccoli and sauce were great!

We saved close to $15 and went home very satisfied.  I would highly recommend China Pavilion!


Anonymous said...

OMG a post!!!! Be still my heart LOL I hope you are doing well my friend. Yes we don't talk as much and we should change that by emailing every now and then. Things are good. Same old same old. You know me. How are you? Danny? Family? Good I hope. As they say, no news is good news. Take care my friend. And just know even if we don't talk that often you and I will be friends for good and you will always have a place with me :) Much aloha.

Threeundertwo said...

Those cards are a great deal. My husband and I used to try lots of new restaurants with those things. Then they changed the boundaries and now the card isn't as useful for us. Your meal sounds yummy!

The Axxess Guy said...

I hope you get great mileage out of your new SB Axxess Card. A fun thing to do is the Rewards program on the website, so that you get points each time you use the Card.

MommieDaze said...

We have those entertainment books around here, but I've never tried it.

Anonymous said...

My town is too tiny to have one of those cool books.

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