Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Days About Me - Day 10 - A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You & A Current One

30 Days About Me

Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni is graciously hosting a 30-day meme to help us all get to know each other better.  She has a theme for each day so that we can post something about ourselves.  There are a good number of us participating so far.  I'm excited to get to know more about my fellow bloggers and also to let others know more about me.

Day 10 - A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You & A Current One

I don't take a ton of pictures of please excuse what you see in this post LOL  I took pictures of some old pictures of myself (please excuse my thumb) and I am including only one new one!

This is me in Kindergarten :) (25 years ago)

This is my Confirmation picture (12 years ago)

That's me in the front on a trip through my temple.  We were in South Carolina. (12 years ago)

This is me a few months ago after getting my makeup done at the NARS counter.  Let me tell you...I love NARS products!

Well, I have learned from this that I miss having physical pictures to go through.  They are somehow cooler than computer pictures!


Unknown said...

and you still look the same :) Beautiful!

Alicia said...

You look great in all your pictures!

Unknown said...

Great pictures!

Tori said...

Super cute pics... and I love your thumbnail- seriously. The color is beautiful.:)

Unknown said...

Aaah Becca you were SO sweeeet!! Love all your pics - I agree, I much prefer hard copy pics and flicking through albums :)

Kerry x

Robert Forto said...

Great photos!

Cyn said...

I love Nars and use their products daily! Great pics!

Rosa said...

Stopping by from 30 Days.
Great picture and the Nars makeup looks good on you. :)

Elizabeth said...

Neat look the same. :)



lisa.j.p said...

i spy your fingernails in pics 1 & 2...SUPER CUTE! great post :]