Sunday, November 25, 2012

Menu Plan Monday #11


Laura at Org Junkie runs Menu Plan Monday each week. 6 weeks in a row!

Monday - Spaghetti
Tuesday - Breakfast for Dinner
Wednesday - Dinner out to use Axxess Card
Thursday - Meatball Sandwiches or Meatballs over rice/pasta (using previously frozen meatballs from a few weeks ago)
Friday - Breaded Turkey Cutlets
Saturday - Make Your Own Pizza
Sunday - Fish Sandwiches or Almond Fish

I still want to make twice baked potatoes for a side dish :)

I will report back next Monday on if I stuck to my plan or not

Below is last week's report

Monday - Quesadillas with pesto and chicken - I made quesadillas with cheese and shredded chicken, and dipped the whole thing in dairy-free Uncle Dan's dip.
Tuesday - Stir Fry - I ended up going to yoga during dinner time so I had fried rice with the leftover shredded chicken added in.
Wednesday - Fish Sandwiches - We were really busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and ended up getting McDonalds/Taco Bell. :/
Thursday - Thanksgiving!!!
Friday - Gonna try to talk my family into Chinese food :) - We ended up at Islands.  I got a turkey club wrap.  It was pretty good.
Saturday - Maybe Italian food? - We ended up at IHOP because my mom really wanted breakfast.  I ordered a turkey club LOL
Sunday - Paninis - We just had regular deli meat sandwiches.  I added some pesto to mine :)

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