Thursday, November 12, 2015

Idaho Pizza Company

I'm determined to try a new restaurant at least once a week here!  I tried this place once before but forgot to take pictures, so here are the pics from my latest trip.  I'm a buffet junky, and Idaho Pizza Company has a buffet every day at lunch time, so I will be breaking my own rule and going there a lot!

Can anyone tell me why some of my pictures come out weird sizes and directions?  Anyway, they have a delicious salad bar with lots of fresh veggies and amazing breadsticks!

I'm pretty predictable with my pizza flavors.  Pepperoni on the left and chicken on the right.

My dad got some kind of veggie pizza and then dumped dressing all over it.  I forgot to get pics of his other pizzas.

The best pizza with chicken and bacon on it.  And yummy cinnamon breadsticks for dessert!

What's your favorite kind of pizza?  Do you ever go to a pizza buffet?


Tammy said...

Yum! That looks delicious. As for your photos, some camera phones when you upload photos don't keep the positioning tags in the data, which is why they then get rotated. I don't know why that happens but with the native camera app on my iPhone it does it too, but when I use the camera+ app it doesn't. Strange isn't it?!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I like veggie pizza. That looks great.

Tamara Camera said...

The veggie one is fascinating to me!
And I'd love the cinnamon breadsticks. We don't have any pizza buffets very close but I'm close to the CT border and I bet I could find one there!
As for your photos, what are you shooting with?

Hilary said...

Okay.. now I'm just hungry!

Susan Cook said...

They have a pizza place where I live like that called CiCi's. I actually haven't been there but my daughter has and said she liked "mac & cheese" pizza!

Looks like you got some yummy pizzas there.

Sybil said...

looks good!! I'm digging those cinnamon sticks!

Have a great weekend!
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