Sunday, April 12, 2009

Posting during contest

I never want to post when I have a contest up because I want the contest on top. Does blogger have a sticky function like I have seen on some other blogs?


Ginny said...

I don't think they do. However, once you publish the contest, you can change the date of your contest to keep it at the top. That is how a lot of bloggers do it.

Unknown said...

Here's something that may help you out. This is where I learned:

You could also add a widget above your post that says "Make sure you check out my giveaways below." You can check out my site and see what I am talking about with this.

kathy said...

I would change the date each time you post to keep the contest on top. I'm sure though that you can find something else to keep it on top. I don't use blogger so I'm not familiar with them

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

If you just set the date to a future date, it will stay on top.