Monday, September 21, 2009

Friend Makin Mondays - Craigslist

This is a new meme I just found, currently hosted by Amber at AE Filkins.

This week's theme is - Craigslist

I love trying out new things, so I have been a Craigslist addict on and off for years.  They are almost like a one stop (local) shop.

I have found places to live, garage sales to go to and tons of (free) moving boxes!  I have also found some job leads, but never gotten a job off of there.

I have only sold some comic books and given away moving boxes.

I have only had positive experiences with Craigslist and would definitely recommend them to anyone! :)

What are your thoughts on Craigslist??


Kim said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I had no idea there was so much on craigslist!

Anonymous said...

I have never done Craigslist. I didn't know either that there was so much on there. All I do remember is that girl that got killed and they linked it back to a guy on Craigslist. Thanks for sharing :)

Trina said...

Thanks for visiting me today . . . have a blessed week!!

Kenlie said...

I go through phases too though I haven't sold anything on CL in a while.

Tracy said...

Thanks for stopping by and job leads, cool!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Welcome to Friend Makin Monday!! I agree about craigslist but I leave the posting to hubby lol. Happy Monday!

Christie said...

I LOVE looking for garage sales on craigslist works out perfect for me because I don't take our local newspaper. =)
Happy Monday!

Priscilla said...

Great that youve had good experiences with cg.

Where are you located girl? I can show you many ways to get geckorz. :) Shoot if you come up with an extra $50 I could ship you one. I wouldn't charge for the gecko, the shipping is the $50. (overnight)

Amber Filkins said...

Dang girl! You have definitely taken advantage of Craigslist!

I also look for garage sales on there. There's always tons!!

Anonymous said...

It is the truth.