Thursday, August 26, 2010


I just logged onto Yahoo Messenger - and the front news story was about Macaulay Culkin's birthday.  He's 30!!!!!!!  He was a child star when I was a kid...and I thought he was so much older and more mature than me!

Guess what????

He's only 30!!!!  I'll be there in 3 years!!!!  OMG how can someone who I thought of as so much older than me be the same age as me???????

Happy Birthday, Macaulay Culkin!  But can you please stop aging so quickly???????


Anonymous said...

LOL...age is just a number dear friend. :) You get wiser and better with it. Always remember that :)

Anonymous said...

My boys love that movie!

I cant believe how old I am. Ugh.

Marissa said...

funny post...I had no idea he was only 30 either! Wow! I'm 30!! YIKES!! I remember watching him being the "kid" and I thought I was much older...strange!

New follower-found you on another blog sidebar and had to check it out!! FUN BLOG you have here!!