Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SB Axxess...and other things

I was blogging really regularly while on my trip to Idaho, and then my laptop was dropped and everything went "to the birds" (because I can't cuss in public and feel good about it).

But my new laptop just got here, and I really want to try to blog more.  I am really behind on product reviews, giveaways, book reviews, and letting anyone know what is going on with my life.  So, I am going to try to have a blog post up every day.  I might blog every day, or I might pre-write a post for each day...but it's going to happen.

On to the "meat" of my post...the restaurant review.  As everyone knows, I bought an Axxess card this year with the hopes of using it more than last year.  Since I looooooove email so much, I am signed up for their emails.  Every time a new merchant signs up, I get an email.  My latest email advertised that if you pre-ordered a 2011 Santa Barbara Axxess book, you could come pick up a copy of the 2010 one, and get to re-do all the great 2 for 1 offers on a new punchcard.  I love 2 for 1, so I immediately pre-ordered.  I picked up my new/old book a few days ago.  And tonight, we decided to re-visit Pastavino.  They offer buy one entree, get one free (up to $10)

Pastavino in Goleta is kind of your typical Italian restaurant with salad, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, entrees and more.  Oh, and they have the best garlic bread!

My mom ordered Lobster Ravioli in a sun-dried tomato tarragon sauce.  She thought it was delicious.  I ordered a Caesar salad to start, that was delicious.  For my entree, I decided to try something called "Chicken Panserotti".  I had never heard of it before and it sounded good.  It is listed on the menu as shredded chicken, mozzarella and corn wrapped in pasta with your choice of sauce.  When it came to the table, it had TONS of mushrooms in it.  I HATE mushrooms.  I wish they had advertised that on the menu.  So when the waitress came back, I asked if I could get it without mushrooms.  Unfortunately, they come pre-made, so I had to order gnocchi in pesto sauce.  Thankfully, this was just scrumptious, and was a very generous portion.

When the waitress brought the bill, she didn't acknowledge the Axxess card.  She then told us they use the card AFTER you give them your credit card.  And the new receipt...didn't show how the new bill was broken down, it was just a credit card receipt with a new total.  WEIRD.  That didn't happen last time.

In my last review, the service was pretty slow, but the food was delicious.  Now because of our new and different problems, I would dare to say that they are still having some issues (the menu lists ingredients...but not all of them).  But, the food is great!  I would still recommend this restaurant to people, but I might suggest asking about the menu if you have food pickiness like I do.


Anonymous said...

What kind of laptop did ya get? Going to be good to see you posting more :)

competition said...

Keep it up! thanks for a good job here.