Thursday, September 2, 2010

So Close!

I almost missed blogging today!  Good thing I had nothing to think about on my way home..and remembered I needed to blog!

I am failing at dieting, but doing a great job of using my Axxess card some more.  For lunch today, I went to South Coast Deli.  South Coast Deli has hot and cold sandwiches, paninis, salads, and the friendliest staff!  Their offer is Buy 1, Get 1 free.  We saved about $8.00.  I got the Mexican Chicken Caesar.  It's the best salad anywhere!!!!  My mom got a Roast Beef Jalapeno Panini.  We both loved our lunches!  We even have leftovers for tomorrow!

And then for dinner tonight, we went to Cody's.  They offer Buy 1 entree, Get 1 50% off.  We saved about $5.00.  Cody's has salads, Mexican food, pastas, entrees, burgers, and a great bar (where a close friend of mine works).  I think my mom got the Hot Roast Turkey dinner.  I got something called the Yater's Sandwich.  It is turkey, bacon, avocado, and jack cheese on grilled sourdough.  Delicious!!!!

I am going to breakfast with an old friend from high school in the morning...and then I'm going to make some attempt at eating healthy...until our holiday BBQ on Saturday LOL


Anonymous said...

LOL too funny. Failing at dieting. You need to diet? pffft...just eat less. I love your last line...Too funny. Have a great weekend :)

Aleksandra Nearing said...

That sounds so I'm hungry and it's only 10am LOL!