Sunday, November 18, 2012

Menu Plan Monday #10


Laura at Org Junkie runs Menu Plan Monday each week. 4 weeks in a row!

Monday - Quesadillas with pesto and chicken
Tuesday - Stir Fry
Wednesday - Fish Sandwiches
Thursday - Thanksgiving!!!
Friday - Gonna try to talk my family into Chinese food :)
Saturday - Maybe Italian food?
Sunday - Paninis

I want to make twice baked potatoes for a side dish still :)

I will report back next Monday on if I stuck to my plan or not

Below is last week's report

Monday - Taco Salad - My family got mad at me for mis-naming this.  It is really salad with prepared beef in gravy in taco seasoning.  But it was really yummy!

Tuesday - Grilled cheese with avocado and bacon - Successful minus burning it!

Tried cooking a sandwich like I saw them do at the hospital...

Tried my new avocado slicer (I made mush out of it LOL)

Burnt the turkey bacon in the microwave

And burnt the bread LOL  But it tasted really good!

Wednesday - Baked potato bar :) - Success!

My potato with bacon bits, fake cheese, Uncle Dan's dip and corn

My dad's potato with sour cream, Uncle Dan's dip, corn, and pulled chicken from Trader Joe's

Thursday - BBQ hot dogs
Friday - Gina Chicken - We brought in Chinese food using my Axxess card.  More on that in a later post ;)
Saturday - Parmesan tilapia - We had tilapia but we each used sauce instead of parmesan cheese.

Mom's fish.

My fish with bone sucking sauce, parmesan broccoli, potatoes :)

Sunday - Quesadillas with pesto and chicken - I babysat last minute and had the lasagna the mom made for her kids.  It was really good!


April said...

We've all had those little kitchen mishaps, the best thing is to just laugh it off and try, try again. :) Looks like an interesting menu at your house this week. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Anonymous said...

Now I am hungry .. again! Love the menu plan, I need to start doing this but doubt it will happen because I keep commenting saying I NEED TO DO THIS, and yet never do. lol Good luck in all the yummy food you have planned for the week! ~Brandy from SMILES!

Erin Branscom said...

Those avocado sandwiches look amazing! :) I love anything avocado. I have a menu Monday link up if you want to link up every week. Have a great week! Erin

Jamie @ Prepared to Eat said...

Oh, I wonder if I could get away with the avocado sandwiches here! They look yummy and I'm not normally a grilled cheese fan. :)

Jamie @ Prepared to Eat said...

Oh, this is Jamie. I'm still trying to figure out this Google stuff. lol

Anonymous said...

I sometimes burn the bread too, isn't it silly to still eat it? But I always do :P

Returning the visit to a meat-meater. Thank you sincerely for the feedback! Your honesty helps me to target. Do you think people trying to loose weight might be interested in my menus?


Jean said...

If I burn things, I just turn it over to the not so burnt side haha! Your dinners look really good.

Oath's mom said...

Your menu looks great! You made me crave chinese food now...