Monday, November 9, 2015

I Did Art!

The techs at my new job try to get together once a month for "date night" to bond as a team.  Luckily, I started just in time to go to this month's event at Piggy Pigs Pottery.  I'm not very artistic, so I was a bit nervous.  Thankfully, I think I work with the nicest people ever and they were all very supportive of my lack of creativity LOL

It took me forever to choose what to paint.  I didn't want anything too big, too small, too detailed, something I wouldn't use, etc.  I finally decided on a vase because that was one thing I noticed I don't own when I moved.

It's supposed to be dark teal and dark purple.  I'm hoping that after they put the glaze on and whatever else they do, it will get way darker.

Believe it or not, this took me quite a while to paint.  I was also proud of myself for the black line between the colors! :)

Have you ever been to one of the paint your own pottery pieces places?  Did you like it?  What did you make?


Smellyann said...

I think it looks great, Becca! We haven't gone yet, but it's a plan we have had for a while, to go... :) Update after the glaze is on!

Sybil said...

nice colours! :D

Have a great week!
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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I have done those pottery places before. It is fun. It'll look so great after baking! You did a really nice job.

Susan Cook said...

my daughter has been - she went to some birthday parties and had her own birthday party at one too

Good job on the vase :)

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

That looks nice. I've never been to one of those pottery places, but it looks like fun.