Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogging every day

I am not a natural at writing. I like to do it but it doesn't always come so easily to me. So, where do you guys get ideas of what to blog about? My life isn't exciting enough to blog about it every single day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Becca,

Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wednesday post. As to blogging everyday, the "struggle" can be lessened by planning what to write each day of the week. This is the way I did it when I started with blogging and it worked out for me. :-)

You can participate in meme's to help you fill out days. Example, you can have Wordless Wednesday on Wednesdays, Aloha Friday (via An Island Life) on Fridays, Thursday Thirteen on Thursdays and Photo Hunt on Saturdays. The rest of the days, you can write whatever you want. :-)

All of these memes have great communities and so many participants!

Of course, it all depend on what you like. Wordless Wednesday and Photo Hunt is basically a photo (Photo Hunt comes with a small story behind the photo) so it's effort-free.

Sorry to make this long - I should have written you an email instead!