Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Extraordinary Mommy blog just posted a blog about fraud. It reminded me of something that happened to my dad. I left it in her comments but wanted to leave it for all of my readers also.

A few years ago, I got into pen palling, finding people online but writing real letters. Well one day, I got a call from a guy asking to be my friend. I asked how he got my number...my dad had given it to him. Thankfully the guy was harmless and I asked him to just please not call me again, and he listened. But I asked my dad what happened, and he said the guy had called asking for me and my dad said "you have the wrong number, here is her number". I told my dad anyone who is my actual friend knows my parents are divorced and would never call him for me. Since then, he has told me when people called, but he has always told them they had a wrong number.

Now, I enter contests. A few weeks ago, my dad got a call saying I had won a contest but they needed his card number. So he gave it to them!!!!!! The next morning he told me about it and I told him I never put his info down at all, and to never give out his card number again. Thankfully he called his bank to cancel his card and no money had gone missing.

I hate these scammers because they get genuinely nice people like my dad. He gave them the number because he didn't want me to lose out on a contest. :(


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Thanks for this info...I think they really prey on the elderly, and that makes me sick. I'm glad your dad canceled his card right away!

Anonymous said...

I think the older we get the more vulnerable we are. I know people have attempted to scam on my parents but I think I've got my mother asking one of us kids before she does anything anymore.