Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pacific Sales

As part of our move, we need to buy a refrigerator because we don't exactly own one. I mean we have a super old one that is literally falling apart, but not a nice one for the house. So we wanted to buy one nice one for in the house and one cheaper one for the garage.

We decided to go check out the new Pacific Sales that opened up recently. When you walk in, they have a front counter that you should check in at. My mom went up and asked if anyone was free to help us...the girl said not until later. My mom asked when later was. The girl replied rather rudely that they won't rush their customers so she didn't know. She then said she needed to finish up phone calls (she had no phone in her hand, to her ear, etc.) and could help us after.

We left and went to Home Depot. They were great. We bought two fridges are thrilled.

Moral of the story: Go to Home Depot. Pacific Sales isn't gonna make it in this town!


Hit 40 said...

What awful service!! How could management miss this rude behavior? They will definitely go out of business.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how rude! I'm glad you didn't wait around for somebody to help you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would have bitch slapped her back to the refrigerators myself. LOL. I can't stand customer service like that. Home Depot is the bomb. If you needed 1 why did you buy 2? hmmm Had a typo in there so had to copy, delete, fix and paste LOL