Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thunks - stupid questions that you love to answer

This is my first time participating in the Thursday Thunks meme. Hope everyone enjoys my answers!

1. Your thoughts on hunting? I think hunting to eat what you hunt is perfectly fine. I don't care if people hunt for the other reason, but I don't want to hear about it!

2. Swine Flu vaccine... will you get it? I got a flu vaccine for the first time last year and will probably stick to that.

3. What is one job/profession that you think there are just too many of? Useless leaders.

4. I want to go on a diet, what advice will you offer me? Portion control is easier than cutting stuff out completely.

5. You are going out on a date with someone for the very first time. When you get into their car, you see a box of condoms on the floor. What do you do? I only know what you don't do...get physical with them in any way!

6. Name something in your bathroom that shouldn't be there. The lysol wipes...they belong with all of the other cleaning supplies.

7. What was your Kindergarten teacher like? That is 21 years ago!!! She had salt and pepper hair and was really nice :)

8. What kind of oil do you use when you cook? All kinds - canola oil, grape seed oil..whatever it healthy!

9. If someone takes an unflattering picture of you and posts it online, do you beg them to take it down or do you laugh at yourself with everyone else? I just kinda get over doesn't happen very often.

10. What brand of dishwashing soap do you use? Dawn, but my sister and I are trying to convince our mom to get anything except the blue kind.


Anonymous said...

Good answers. What's wrong with blue dishwashing soap? Have a great Thursday :)

annie said...

You're lucky that you haven't had any unflattering photos taken of yourself. Unflattering is all I do. :)

For some reason I ALWAYS have one droopy eye. Oh and then there's my crow's feet. Have a fun day.

quilly said...

Thom -- your first commenter of the day -- excels in posting horrid pictures of me. Someday he will pay!

My kindergarten teacher was obsessed with kids sitting up straight. She would smack me on the head with a ruler any time I slouched. I have very good posture, but I hate her for it.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are SO right about a diet. You gotta find something you can live with forever!