Friday, August 7, 2009

Random request

I would love it if people would attach their email address to their blogger comments. I love replying to people who comment on my blog but can only reply if their email address is attached. For those of you who don't attach it, can I ask why? :)


Colette S said...

I agree. Sometimes I just want to reply to them you know.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe it's because they don't have an email address...or maybe it's because they don't want to put it...or maybe their afraid that you will put porn in the repsonse ROFLMAO

Great question ... :)

Unknown said...

I very seldom put my email address in comments because it's in my profile. If you have the comments your receive sent to your email you can then reply to them there and that is way way more easy. On your customize page go to settings then comments and where it says Comment Notification Email, put your email address in there. Don't forget to click save. And waa-laa you get your comments via email.

Unknown said...

Oh crap, I was going to leave my email address.