Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win a Tupperware FridgeSmart Stackable Containers Set

Audrey at Recipe Tips and Hints and I are giving away a Tupperware FridgeSmart Stackable Containers set.

For your first (and mandatory) entry into this contest, list 5 things currently in your refrigerator. Please make sure to leave your email address in your comments.

To earn extra entries you can (please leave a comment for each additional entry):

1) Become a follower of my blog or let me know if you already follow (please don't do anonymous, i have to be able to see you)
2) Become an email subscriber of my blog or let me know if you already subscribe
3) Blog about this contest (and comment with the url)
4) Follow me on twitter and tweet about the contest (comment with your twitter name and the url of your tweet)
5)  Become Audrey's friend on facebook (comment with your Facebook name)
6) Make a purchase from Audrey's site (not mandatory but worth 5 extra entries so leave 5 comments!)

This contest is open to anyone with a US mailing address that is 18+. Contest ends Sunday, October 11th at 11:59 pm pacific time. Winner will be picked and notified by email shortly after.


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eclairre said...

milk, soymilk, eggs, bread and butter pickles, lunchmeat.

that was fun lol.

katzkids by Kathy D. said...

Milk,Eggs,Sliced Cheese,Left Over Meatloaf,Yogurt + some tings in the back that I'm afraid to open:)

rebecca said...

Shredded cheese, eggs, celery, bagged salad, ham. (Its sad we just ran out of milk at breakfast, I need to go to the store.) rebecca342(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

milk eggs cheese pickles tomato


peg42 said...

Milk, eggs, coldcuts, cheese, orange juice. Thanks so much.

peg42 said...

I'm a subscriber. Thanks.

Kelli W said...

Pickles, applesauce, milk, water bottles, medicine.

bison61 said...

milk, OJ, coldcuts, butter and carrots

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

plhill2000 said...

Mayo, mustard, milk, pickles, and catsup.

Sonya Cocherell said...

Diet DR. Pepper, Milk, eggs, lettuce and cheese

annie said...

watermelon, cantaloupe, lettuce that has gone bad, eggs and cottage cheese.

Candyce said...

Five things in the fridge:

Tahini, ground coffee, milk, apple juice, parmesan

ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Liz said...

1% milk, whole milk, pink grapefruit juice, iced tea, ketchup. Need to go shopping...

Anonymous said...

5 Things:
grated cheese
1% milk
braeburn apples
water bottles

jepeuxetsy @ yahoo .com

Rebekah said...

Strawberries, leftover chicken alfredo, salsa, half a block of white cheddar cheese, and fresh cream skimmed from raw milk.

michaelandrebekah @ gmail.com

Anonymous said...

soy milk, ham, eggs, canned biscuits, homemade bread and butter pickles.

American Bloggers said...

milk, orange juice, cranberry juice, soy sauce and eggs

ohstac said...

Milk, diet coke, ketchup, turkey lunchmeat & eggs

Unknown said...

Mmmm...leftover dinner from last night, milk (lots of it), soy sauce, tomatoes and cheese!!!

Unknown said...

Milk,butter,eggs,American cheese,provolone cheese

Unknown said...

Email subscriber

Unknown said...

Following you on Twitter and Tweeted here

Unknown said...

Facebook friend
user name is Kathy Detweiler

carmelelsie said...

milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese

demmi said...

ketchup eggs mayo lettuce cheese con5459(at)gmail(dot)com


hot dogs, pot of chili, milk, diet coke, vanilla yogurt

Unknown said...

love it !!! diet pop, whole coffee beans, leftover papa murphys pizza, butter, soy sauce !

Nikki57 said...

Milk, Eggs, Bread dough (that I need to hurry up and bake), OJ and leftover pasta

llinda29 said...

jelly,eggs,milk,muffins,beef stew

Lim said...

Lasagna, maple syrup, pickles, extra sharp cheddar, and diet root beer.

wantsandwishes said...

Chocolate pie, braggs liquid aminos, mustard, spicy asian peanut vinegrette, carrots

scooter7018 said...

pizza, pizza casserole, fried potatoes,cantaloupe and spam scooter7018@aol.com

Unknown said...

2 pitchers of iced tea I made last night,
1 four pack of Jones Soda -Dread Apple Flavor,
some carrots and celery,
way too many condiments, and some stuff in the deli drawer that I should probably toss.

sweepmom said...

Milk, cottage cheese, orange juice, peanut butter, broccholi.

GALENA said...

eggs, green tea, bread, cheese potatoes

Smellyann said...

5 things in my fridge: Grapes, hummus, pita, goat cheese, beer

Smellyann said...

I'm a follower!

Smellyann said...

Oops sorry for the double post.

I am an email subscriber and I also subscribe on Google Reader.

Smellyann said...

I just tweeted, check @sbshortie! :) (following you on twitter too, I'm @smellyann)

Thanks, I hope I win!


Nancy said...

Orange juice, eggs, milk, chesse and yogurt.

D Q said...

Milk, eggs, butter, cheese, Homemade vegetable beef soup.

Sylvia said...

butter, milk, cheese, hot dogs, pickles

Laufa said...

milk, eggs, butter, ranch, bbq sauce
morganmadness at sbcglobal dot net

Laufa said...

Google Follower.

Traci said...

5 things in my fridge right now are:
1. leftover beans & rice
2. leftover mac & cheese
3. package of snow peas
4. sandwich meat & cheese for lunches
5. two very good & open bottles of wine :)

I am a blogging intern for momstalknetwork.com on the www.familytvaddicts.com blog
my email is wahmobx@yahoo.com
Thanks for the entry!

Liz said...

milk, oj, yogurt, mayo, horseradish

All purchased the other day!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...plums. cucumbers. eggs. laughing cow cheese. chateau elan georgia peach wine :)

Sharon Harmon said...

1. Cantaloupe
2. Shredded Cheese
3. Milk
4. A.1. Steak Sauce
5. Mustard
Happy Fall!

Pat said...

My refrigerator contains;
acai juice
condiments of all sorts
a container of chicken and rice
caramel apples
bacon and eggs

Carol W. said...

Among the many items currently in my refrigerator are Swiss cheese, sour cream, ground flaxseed, grapes, and orange juice.


Carol W. said...

I subscribe by email.


Anonymous said...

cheese, butter, bread, eggs, ketchup.


Anonymous said...

I subscribe via email.


Katrina said...

milk, cheese, guava flavored Hawaiian punch, juice boxes and yogurt

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Diane said...

Leftover Guacamole from tailgating
Dill Relish
Leftovers from Chilis from todays lunch
Flavored water
Deli Creations

Diane said...


Metal Momma said...

milk, pepsi, grape juice, butter, eggs

Anonymous said...

2% milk, kraft singles & ketchup. 3 staples I always have!

katers2714 at yahoo dot com

Tarah said...

1. Milk
2. Avocado
3. Red Grapes
4. Soy Sauce
5. Apples


marthajane said...

Milk, pickles, ketchup, Sprite Zero, five kinds of mustard :)

sweetaut said...

milk, eggs, tea, leftover chicken and rice, and a wide variety of cheeses :)

jen said...

OJ, eggs, cheese, milk, mustard, bologna. jen2418@hotmail.com

Tammy said...

ice tea,eggs milk mustard oleo

lexistar99 said...

Milk, apples, peaches, butter, and orange juice.


Jennifer M said...

milk eggs, cheddar cheese, sour cream, mustard


RR said...

Coconut milk, eggs, apples, peaches, and broccoli.

Deborah Wellenstein said...

Bacon, eggs, cheese, milk, butter.

Anonymous said...

my has cheese, hotdogs, milk 2% sandwich meat, eggs

Anonymous said...

email subscriber

Anonymous said...

follow and tweeted

Anonymous said...

friend of audrey's-lmurley2000

K. Rock said...

I have jasmine rice, chicken sausages, eggplant, eggs, and milk

Anonymous said...

In my fridge: Watermelon, Jalapeno Wine, Cheese, hamburgers, milk
lyntobias at yahoo.com

LaurenS said...

We use our fridge just for storage. So in there now is whole wheat flour, raisins, olive oil, popcorn, flax seeds


mogrill said...

Eggs,Milk,Bacon,Butter and Apple juice. Thanks for the chance.

KMG852 said...

milk, eggs, deli ham, cheese, and butter.


Jennifer said...

Milk, cheese slices, ham, butter, and ketchup!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

Jennifer said...

I subscribe!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

Tinyblessing said...

milk, eggs, cheese, hotsauce, twix

Denise said...

Let's see... Gatorade, ketchup, milk, hardboiled eggs, lunchmeat. I could probably mix them all together to make something for lunch tomorrow... but I think I would be afraid to eat it. :)

Denise said...

Your contest will be included when I update ContestGuide.com tonight. Check the site in about an hour. (Not sure if the site counts as a blog or not!)

Anonymous said...

onions and cheese

ddtavener said...

Right now, there is: Milk, eggs, brunschweiger, grapes and yogurt.

Bombtastic Belle said...

Right now there is a stew I've prepped and have to put on the crockpot for tomorrow, Milk, Simply Lemonade, Ketchup (never without it!) and Eggs. :)

Unknown said...

1. Butter lettuce
2. Strawberry preserves
3. Chinese leftovers...YUM!
4. Soymilk
5. Bud Select

I'm single and I live alone...and my refrigerator reflects this. Ha.


carole37 said...

I have lunch meat, deli cheese, a homemade pumpkin dip, strawberries, and grapes.

deb c said...

spring water, naked smoothies, grapes, mini carrots, fruit cups

Anonymous said...

I have deli lunch meat and cheese, apples, milk (2%),and chocolate milk for my son. I love tupperware.

clc408 said...

Soy milk, grapes, iced tea, pasta and apples.

randio said...

milk, eggs, cheese, ham,& lettuce

Kathy Rambousek said...

I have milk, eggs, butter, cheese, and ham in my fridge

LKARambo at comcast dot net

Kathy Rambousek said...

I'm a follower

LKARambo at comcast dot net

Kathy Rambousek said...

I'm a Twitter follower and tweeted

LKARambo at comcast dot net

Kathy Rambousek said...

I requested to be a Facebook friend

Kathy Cheeseman Rambousek

Connie said...

Milk 2% and skim
shredded cheddar cheese
lunch meat (turkey and ham)
sliced cheese

Stephanie said...

Cheddar Cheese
Diet coke!

thanks! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

Jennifer M. said...

Chicken breasts (that need to be divided into groups and frozen)
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Jello pudding snacks
Orange Juice


gloria Walshver said...

1. milk 2.yogurts 3.shredded cheeses
4. orange juice 6.eggs 7.carrots 8. celery

Knead a Latte - Ruby said...

I have 1% Milk, eggs, yogurt, orange juice, and monterey jack cheese.

Knead a Latte - Ruby said...

i subscribed.

throuthehaze said...

milk, eggs, cheese, lunchmeat, and mayo

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

katscorner said...

the 5 things in my fridge are milk, fruit, cheese, eggs, butter

Betty N said...

Five things in my fridge: Milk, eggs, orange juice, cheese, pineapple

Betty N said...

I follow with Google Connect

Betty N said...

I follow on Twitter; tweet here (Grandma3710)

Betty N said...

I subscribed by email and activated my subscription.

Hotsnotty2 said...

cheese, milk, soda, squirt butter and bottled water. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Leftover Roast Chicken
Corn on the Cob
Sweet Chili Sauce

comfortjoydesigns AT gmail DOT com

Michigan Addy Ready

Shelly T. said...

apple juice


Unknown said...

5 items in my refrigerator are: milk, cheese, yogurt, hummus, and sour cream!

Unknown said...

i'm a subscriber :)

Anonymous said...

5 things currently in my fridge: Milk, eggs, salad dressing, bread and lettuce.


jen said...

Milk, eggs, cheese, apple juice& pop

Anonymous said...

blogged about it! http://savingsonaisle9.blogspot.com/2009/09/give-it-away-thursday_24.html

Anonymous said...

milk, eggs, lettuce, yogurt, apple bars


Nickolay said...

Leftover Pizza
Leftover Olive Garden


Tamara B. said...

Milk,eggs,Kraft sliced cheese, lunchmeat,lettuce

Tamara B. said...

I am a email subscriber.

Tamara B. said...

I am a fan on Audrey's facebook
(Tamara Bennington)

Unknown said...

tortillas, fresh mozzarella, eggs, shredded cheese, cranberry juice

tawndam said...

milk, eggs, cheese, ketchup & relish

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower.

Happy Mom Of 5
(@)hotmail (dot) com

JeansandTs said...

I found these five things in my fridge:
1. Milk
2. Eggs
3. Ketchup
4. Mustard
5. Miracle Whip

makeetis said...

Five things currently in my fridge are eggs, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, orange juice.

Birdie said...

five things in my fridge..... Steak,lettuce,avocados,tomatoes,7up yum...no Im hungry birdson@roadrunner.com

Birdie said...

email subscriber birdson@roadrunner.com

diane said...

milk eggs coke butter bread wolfbayou@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Milk, cheese, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and cole slaw.


Unknown said...

I follow!

nmgills at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I subscribe to your email:)

nmgills at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I'm following you on twitter and I tweeted:)


nmgills at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Added you as a friend on facebook:)

nmgills at yahoo dot com

Moonpie said...

raw cheese, milk, squash, an onion, cottage cheese

Anonymous said...

five things in my fridge-
leftovers from dinner

msrodeobrat said...

grape juice, milk, butter, sliced cheese, lettuce

GarbagePaleSammy said...

American Cheese


debiwelbon said...

jello cups
orange crush
swiss cheese
honey ham lunchmeat
sweet onions

Peggy said...

Some of the things I have in my fridge are ,eggs,yogurt,blueberry juice,milk 2%,beer and cheese

Peggy said...

a follower of blog

Peggy said...

already a subscriber

Peggy said...

requested to be a Facebook friend
Peggy Gorman

Marie said...

milk, eggs, apple juice, turkey deli meat and cheese.


Nancy said...

5 things in my refrigerator:
sliced cheese
sliced lunch meat

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Nancy said...

I am an e-mail subscriber.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Nancy said...

I also follow.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Rachel said...

I don't know why this one seems more fun than the usual contest entries, but it does, so....

apple juice
peach yogurt
ready-to-eat grilled chicken strips
sliced provolone



Sarah said...

Let's see... jam, milk, mustard, pears, and half a can of wet puppy food!!

This reminds me. What am I going to make for dinner tonight?!?

Alicia said...

Leftover chinese food from last night
Chicken thawing to go on the grill
distilled water for my cpap machine
cottage cheese
a red onion.

Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

bloggyig at gmail dot com

GabbyLowe said...

1) Milk
2) OJ
3) Butter
4) Bread
5) Meatloaf


GabbyLowe said...



GabbyLowe said...


follow and tweeted


GabbyLowe said...


fan on facebook (Laura DeLuca)

tammyontheblock said...

milk, juice, lunch meats, butter and eggs.

Unknown said...

Milk, eggs, butter, a few different cheeses [sliced, wedges]& homemade pumpkin bars.

Jeff said...

Milk, eggs, cheese, celery, lemonade

Missa said...

Cheese, Iced Tea, Strawberries, Country Crock and Chicken.

sweetmissa at gmail dot com

Missa said...

I follow your blog.

sweetmissa at gmail dot com

Missa said...

E-mail subscriber.

sweetmissa at gmail dot com

Missa said...

Follow you on twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/hunniebee724/status/4421578875

sweetmissa at gmail dot com

Brandy said...

Milk, eggs, bacon, shredded cheese and sweet tea. Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...



Kim said...

milk, cheese, grapes, jelly, juice

Beeb said...

Milk, Coffee Mate, zucchini, butter, onion! Thank you for the giveaway!

supercoupongirl AT gmail.com

Wanda said...

Milk, eggs, turkey, cheese, ketchup!

Along with lots of other junk that someone needs to clean out!

vwestermeyer said...

milk, leftover pork roast, mayo, diet pepsi, apple salad

Serendipity is Sweet said...

5 things in my fridge: yogurt, milk, linguini alfredo leftovers, leftover grilled chicken, Coke Zero.

sweetsue said...

In my fridge are apples, grapes, milk, eggs, and butter.
smchester at gmail dot com

Wehaf said...

Skim milk, whole milk, lasagna, edamame, butternut squash.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

In mine fnd the onions, sweet potates, ham/cheese loaf sandwich meats, sliced American Cheese, pickles, jams, jellies, and honey bread. Thanks; sw//raymondw345@AOl.com

Ellen C. said...

Right now I have yogurt, butter, eyes, mustard and cheese in my fridge. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

jlafount said...

Eggs, Diet Coke, Arrowhead bottled water, Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Reeses mini peanut butter cups

Rachael said...

Five things in my fridge:
pickled eggs (husband's not mine, =gross)
leftover chicken
apple juice
2 bricks sharp cheddar
whole & 2% milk

Rachael said...

Also following in google now...

In case you are curious, found you through youknowthatblog.com (found her through tartx.com, her through thecrookedstamper.blogspot, her through understandblue.blogspot!)

rebecca said...

Iced tea
about 8 blocks of sharp cheddar
black forest ham
butternut squash
pasta salad

gitrecca at gmail dot com

rebecca said...

I now follow, and think this is a fun giveaway!

gitrecca at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Milk, eggs, OJ, carrots, and apples.

jenswps (at) yahoo (dot) com

Deborah said...

Five things in my fridge: milk, carrots, butter, water and red bell pepper. asthenight at gmail dot com

Deborah said...

I'm following your blog. asthenight at gmail dot com

Richelle said...

Milk, cheese, yogurt, lunch meat, bread...

Tiffany said...

soy milk, eggs, cheese, ketchup, mayo, turkey


Tiffany said...

email subscriber


Tiffany said...

audrey's friend
tiffy green

Jaime said...

1. apples
2. milk
3. eggs
4. cheese
5. lemon juice
copperllama at yahoo dot com

Jaime said...

I am a follower
copperllama at yahoo dot com

Jaime said...

I subscribe via email
copperllama at yahoo dot com

Brandi said...

Expired Eggs


Brandi said...

I just joined your e-mail feed too!


Meg said...

Eggs, Milk, Cheddar Cheese, Ketchup and sweet tea!

southernpathway @ gmail . com

Ingrid said...

1. Milk
2. Flour
3. Corn Meal
4. Eggs
5. Leftovers

Ingrid said...

I already follow you on Google.

Anonymous said...

milk, juice, lunch meat, cheese, eggs

lollipoplamia said...

milk, deli chicken, bag of shredded mozz, a couple roma tomatoes, and several things I need to throw away

PB said...

lol this could be embarassing... I'm like a bachlor!

(not exactly the healthiest of choices!)

Melissa said...

eggs, snackpacks, Coca Cola, lettuce, and avacados


DIY Crush Blog said...

In my fridge is: milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese and ketchup and a bunch of other stuff :)

DIY Crush Blog said...

I follow!

DIY Crush Blog said...

I subscribe via email

erricaalisa said...

milk,eggs,koolaid,ranch dressing, salsa

Rita T. said...

Hi Becca,
Great giveaway! My fridge is getting a little bare. You'll get a kick out of some of the stuff in there:
1. Four boxes of my son's moth pupas (yes, caterpillars awaiting a hatching).
2. Milk
3. Butter
4. Sweet Pickles
5. Velveeta

I enjoyed reading the other comments. So many different tastes out there!

JC said...


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