Tuesday, November 24, 2009


One of the higher up bosses at my work came and spoke to me this morning.  We spoke about many things, but one thing she mentioned was my "bad attitude".  Her main example was something that happened last Wednesday.

Now, I have a fairly accurate self-perception.  I know I can have a bad attitude, and I know how I act when I have it.  I get a look on my face, I sometimes roll my eyes, and I get an edge to my voice.

During the Wednesday incident, I actually spoke to her like I wasn't bothered at all.  I said it wasn't a big deal, I smiled, etc.  In her mind, she heard a negative tone and saw me head-bob (I don't know how to describe the way some people move their head while having an attitude.  I have issues with movement so I know I don't do this lol)

I kind of feel like she has seen me have an attitude before (as I said, I know I have an attitude at times), and so she assumes I am always having an attitude, even when I am smiling and being nice.  I also don't know where she got the impression that I do a head bob, since it is something I don't do.

So my question to everyone is this:

Is there anything I can do to change her perception of me?  I don't know how to change actions I don't even do, so I'm kind of at a loss here.



Anonymous said...

If it were me I would just go in an tell her what you have said here. Tell her so she knows how you are and not what she perceives you as :)

AudreyO said...

I too wonder if going to her next week and saying "I've really considered what you said to me last week and...."

Angie Bailey said...

I have this very same problem. I admit I do have a bad attitude a good bit, but a lot of times when I'm really not trying to I still come across as if I am having an attitute about something. I guess my suggestion is for you to just apologize to this person and make extra effort when they are around to put on a smile (even a fake one, lol) and watch your tone or don't talk around them at all, just smile.

I have the worst time keeping a good tone and smiling but this would make things a lot better I think.

Benita said...

I would humor her. I would tell her that I'm sorry she perceived a bad attitude. It certainly wasn't your intention, and you'll be very careful in the future not present a bad attitude. Thank her for pointing it out, and tell her you're glad she did so that you are more aware and can correct it. That should leave her speechless and in admiration of you.

Tony said...

Odds are that the higher up received feedback from others as well. Talking with her, as others
suggested, may help, because it shows your concern and your good attitude to accept that you have a problem and want to correct it. I have the same problem myself. It helps to say "Hi" to everyone you pass, smile, and help others whenever you can. NEVER speak negatively about work or other employees while at work,no matter what. It will be viewed as proof that you do indeed have a bad attiude. Good luck. Tony