Thursday, November 12, 2009

SB Axxess #4 - Downtown Brewing Co

Wow, restaurant #4 already!  We need to cook more lol  In case anyone doesn't know, I am trying to get more than 6 hole-punches in my Santa Barbara Axxess card this year.  Last night, we revisited the Downtown Brewing Co (inappropriately is uptown).  The Axxess deal was buy one an entree and appetizer, get an entree free.  We saved $8.

The Downtown Brewing Co has all the typical food that Brewing Cos have such as soups, salads, pizzas, steaks, burgers, sandwiches and more.  Our appetizer was Artichoke Spinach Dip.  Our entrees were a Brew Burger (just a regular burger) and coleslaw, a turkey burger and salad, a flat iron steak with sweet potato fries and a chicken caesar wrap with salad.

The food was good, but not necessarily outstanding.  The Brew Burger was fairly plain and the coleslaw needed more dressing.  The green salads were mostly spinach, which they should probably say on the menu (I wouldn't have ordered a mostly spinach salad).  The steak was good but small.  The chicken caesar wrap either didn't have enough caesar dressing or had none.

This restaurant is good and fairly priced, but not exceptional.

I want to be clear that I bought the Axxess Book on my own and went to the restaurant on my own.  I received nothing from any mentioned company.


Anonymous said...

What about the beer? LOL I'm staying away from there I tell ya. Not a good review :)

Unknown said...

I'm trying to get the word out that people should use their Axxess cards to buy movie passes or other gift certificates & donate them to places like Transition House! Everyone wins - needy children have something to open under the tree, families working to rebuild their lives can take a needed break away & go see a movie, we save money on the donation using our Axxess cards!!!!