Friday, May 21, 2010

The Retro Pattern Test

You Are Unique

You are original and a total nonconformist. You take a lot of pride in doing your own thing.

In fact, you can be downright defiant at times. You don't like anyone telling you what to do.

While you are a rebel, you are also extremely tolerant and accepting. You think people should be themselves.

You are laid back and easy going. You refuse to participate in the rat race, and you're better off for it.

I like some of the description...what were your results?


Jenny said...

Here's mine:

You are charming,

You are a very glamorous person. You are naturally stylish and chic.
You have an elegance to you, even when you are keeping things totally casual.

You are enchanting. There's something about you that makes you stand out in a room.

People may be surprised to learn that you're very down to earth - and even a bit of a romantic.

Anonymous said...

Well I take it you liked it. I think it pretty much fits :)

Anonymous said...

Unique is good! Happy Aloha Friday a day late. Your favorite of falafel in Israel is also unique!