Thursday, May 27, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - New York and Miami Auditions

Season 7...yay!  This is another show that my old Blockbuster boss got me into.  And.....the fact that it starts the day after American Idol helps me deal with Idol withdrawal!

I'm so intrigued that they are bringing back 10 old contestants, and only allowing 10 new contestants through.

I do admire that they started the show with 2 good auditions.  I hate when Idol starts with bad auditions.  Of course, they did show some bad ones, but the good ones made up for it!

And since I'm such a TV junkie...I just wanted to say I can't wait for Hell's Kitchen to start next week! :)

Do any of you watch either of these shows?

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Anonymous said...

I so love SYTYCD. I don't like the auditions and if you check on my Scuttlebutt blog you will see that we already know the 20. Someone leaked it LOL. I love this so much better than DWTS. And will be talking on Scuttlebutt about it every week. Not so much in the auditions but after that. :) I'm outta here for the weekend. Have a good one my friend :) Be safe :)