Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Trip to Idaho

While I had a ton of fun on my trip to Idaho, it got me out of blogging!  But I am back!  We had 2 wonderful weeks up there with my family.  It was amazing!

Below are some picture highlights of my fun trip to Boise!

One place we went that we really like is the World Center for Birds of Prey.  They breed and rescue birds of prey and are an amazing organization.

Northern Aplomado Falcon

Bateleur Eagle

Ornate Hawk-Eagle

Bald Eagle

Harpy Eagle out for a fly

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle in its cage

I don't remember what this is but it's pretty.

We also spent a lot of time just visiting various parks and what not.

My cousins Zander and Kaden at the pond.

Cutie pie Kaden

My cousin Karson with a mutant ear of corn.

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