Sunday, December 4, 2011

Droid App - Cardio Trainer

Back in January, I finally upgraded to a "smart" phone.  I bought a Droid X.  I only bought a new phone because my old one was dying.  When I first got it, I basically used it to text and realized that was a waste of money.  So....I downloaded some awesome apps!

One app I love is Cardio Trainer.  It records your workouts for you.  It tells you how fast you are walking, how far you have gone, how many steps you have taken, and how many calories you have burned that week.  And the best part of all is that you can post your workouts to facebook!

If you are looking for an app to help you with weight loss, working out and more, check out Cardio Trainer!

*I forgot to mention when I first wrote this post that the app is free!!!

I just wrote this for fun because I like the app.


AudreyO said...

My favorite part of the app is the map that shows the exact path you took.

Liz Mays said...

I have a Droid X too, and I'm absolutely downloading that app!