Sunday, December 11, 2011

Droid App - Hanging With Friends

My best friend convinced me to download an app called Hanging with Friends.  I don't like Words with Friends, but I was willing to do this one because it is more like Hangman.  It's also cool because you can log in through your facebook and see which of your friends play.

When you pick someone, you make a word for them to guess.  After they guess at it, they make a word for you.  Whoever loses 5 times is out.

I am having a ton of fun playing, but I also lose most of the time!  Most importantly this app is free.

What is your favorite app?


Texas Type A Mom said...

I've never played Hanging with Friends but am obsessed with Words with Friends. I always have at least 3 games going at once.

g.player58 said...

I haven't tried playing Hanging with Friends but I do play Words With Friends its very challenging and knowledgeable game. I just use the ANAGRAMMER to give me hint in times I'm in trouble. You can google it peeps!!..