Thursday, April 12, 2012

Babysitting Expert

I am an expert at babysitting...sleeping children LOL

I babysat close to 10!!!!! sleeping children tonight.  The youngest boy (about 4 months old) had never had a babysitter before.  I actually consider it a big honor that his parents trusted me enough to be his first babysitter (even though he was sleeping).  I was also his older cousin's first babysitter (he was about 4 weeks at the time).  I love babysitting sleeping kids because I can just read a book or play on the computer.

I wish I knew what to do with them when they were awake LOL

How old were your kids the first time you left them with a babysitter?  (I have a cousin who is over 2 that has never had a babysitter!!!!!)  If you don't have kids, do you ever babysit?


SparkleFarkel said...

My daughter Puppet turned 19 in September and has never had a babysitter. Not even my mom, who thinks nothing of leaving a child on the changing table alone if she feels the need to do something else, mid-diaper change. Yep, that's probably why my daughter never had a babysitter. I TRUSTED NO ONE. And, yes, I DO still suffer from brainpains, the result of being dropped on my head one too many times as a youte. Thank-you for asking. (LOL!)

marie said...

I started babysitting for the neighbors at 10 or 11. I grew up with 9 siblings, 4 younger, so I always knew what I was doing. My 11 year old babysits my kids and others, she is so great with the kids and very responsible.

Carrie said...

I couldn't babysit until I was 12. And they had to live close enough that mom could get to us if somebody fell and bloodied a nose or something.

Now? When I watch my nieces...I still wish mom was close enough.