Sunday, April 8, 2012

Passover Cleaning/Reorganizing

Since we have to change out all of our "regular" food for Passover food, it is quite a production.

We have two fridges and freezers that have to get combined down into one so that the other one can be the Passover fridge.  It's always a big decision which one will be which LOL
This is our fridge with all of the "regular" food crammed into it.

This is our fridge and freezer with all of our perishable goods.  It doesn't look like very much food LOL

This is our pantry shoved full of all the "regular" food that we can't eat for eight days.

This is all of our dry, non-perishable goods for the next eight days.

We always seem to have tons of leftovers even though it doesn't look like that much food.  I really hope we can eat most of this in the next eight days LOL

Do you ever clean out your kitchen?  Isn't it a pain?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I find this very interesting. Have a beautiful Passover. I don't like cleaning out the kitchen, well actually I don't like cleaning anything anymore :)

marie said...

With 3 kids and a love for cooking I am constantly cleaning the kitchen. Good for you for sticking to your beliefs, hope it goes well.

LeeOhana said...

I try to do a major cleaning of the entire kitchen from top to bottom once a quarter. I try to do maintenance-type of cleaning weekly...but yes, it sure is a pain!

Anonymous said...

I rarely clean out the kitchen the way I should ... ugh!

Tammy said...

I don't clean it out nearly as often as I should - I really need to be more organized about it - when I do get around to it, I usually am throwing stuff away because some of it's expired before I used it :(