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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am tired of my same few breakfasts. I don't really like to cook in the morning so it limits my options. I normally have a bowl of cereal, an english muffin, or a bagel. But, I have been having these things every morning for way too long. What does everyone like to eat for breakfast that might be a nice alternative to the three things I mentioned? Thanks!!!!


K and/or K said...

I like to scramble a couple of eggs (or egg beaters), add salsa, and a little horseradish. Zippy wake up food.

Also, make maple brown sugar oatmeal and stir in a Mott's blueberry sauce (snack size serving). Mmmm....

The Merlin Menu said...

Here's my suggestion:

I know it's still cereal, but it's awfully good!

Lori said...

Since you're not a morning cook, I'm going to say muffins. We make whole wheat blueberry muffins and occasionally pair that in the morning with yogurt or fruit.

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