Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jesusita Fire Update

Ugh...the name Jesusita bugs me to begin with....

As of the last news update...the fire is 30% contained. So far, I haven't heard of anyone I know losing a house...but tons of people's neighbors lost theirs. The weather has way cooled off and the winds have died down so hopefully all will be better now.

We still have 5 torahs and 4 reptiles in our house. I actually took out the smaller snake wasn't so bad!

On a completely different grandfather was admitted to the hospital last night. They think it is the same thing he had in intestinal blockage. We are going to Los Angeles tomorrow to be with him but more so to keep my grandma company. She refuses to leave the hospital whenever he is admitted and I don't blame seems to be the only way to guarantee he receives the best care.

Continue to keep my family and Santa Barbara in your thoughts (and prayers if you pray).

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