Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Product Reviews

I am slowly trying to start getting into doing product reviews. A number of blogs that I go to say that companies contacted them about doing a review. Right now I have only done reviews of random products I own and 1 that my mom got. I have another one coming that I solicited. Does anyone have any advice on how to solicit more but even better, how to get companies to contact me?

Thanks for any and all advice!


Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

You can add a PR welcome button to your site then add your name to a couple of PR sites. I say this but since I've decided to do reviews (about 1 month ago), I've only been contacted 3 times.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Maria had a great idea!

You seem to be taking the right steps in reviewing your own items. Another thing you might consider is buying a $10 gift card, and giving it away. That is how I started - you will receive visitors and improve your stats, then it is easier to contact companies. They will eventually come to you then!

Maria's Space said...

See my side bar at on the right you will find a section "sites I review for."

Click on each one and email the person or fill out the form. Review sites are always looking for new reviewers.

Contact me at (ree026 (at) if you want to talk more.

Maria's Space said...

You've been tagged

Kelly said...

I'd like to get into review blogging as well. But first I'm concentrating on building following (Thanks for following btw) and creating content. Here's a great article written about getting into to it.

Kelly said...

Also I think the ones that get contacted most have a lot more followers since advertisers want to reach a larger audience.