Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Invisalign - 1st Week

So I had my Invisalign put on a week ago.  I thought it would be nice to blog about it for two reasons.
  1. I want to track my progress, pain level, etc.
  2. I want anyone wondering about Invisalign to be able to come to my blog and have a true idea of how treatment might go
Day 1 - I had my Invisalign put on Wednesday afternoon.  They put some tooth-colored bumps on my teeth to help hold the aligners in place.  I was in the office for about 90 minutes today.  When I left the office, the Invisalign was a bit snug, but that's about it.  I ate dinner early and put my Invisalign back in - no problem.  My teeth started to get a bit sore over the next few hours.  When I took out my aligners to eat a snack, it kinda hurt.  Not intense pain or anything, but it hurt more to take them off than it did to wear them.  I took some Advil, ate relatively easily, and put the aligners back in - which caused some discomfort.  Now they are on, a bit snug, and a bit uncomfortable.  Day 1 hasn't been so bad.

Day 2 - Taking out my Invisalign for breakfast was kinda painful, so I took some Advil with my cereal.  By lunch a few hours later - I was feeling better than I had at breakfast time.  By the time I got to work it was kind of uncomfortable but not awful.  By dinner time, my top aligner was feeling a bit looser and I was able to take it out with my hands.  My bottom aligner is still very snug and I still have to use a tool to pull it out.

Day 3 - I think my pain/uncomfortable level has started to plateau.  My top aligner is coming out easier but my bottom one is still very tight.  I did take 6 Advil today, but I think that has also plateaued.  The good thing now is that I don't snack anymore because it is a hassle to take the aligners in and out (and brush).

Day 4 - I decided the Advil wasn't helping much so I quit taking it.  I am faster at taking the aligners in and out and the discomfort level is still plateaued.

Day 5 - Same as Day 4.  Still trying to eat softish foods.

Day 6 - I tried corn on the cob wasn't that awful.  I think the Invisalign is becoming more a normal part of my mouth.  The spots that were bugging me are okay now and I am pretty sure I can see some improvement...although I'm sure it's in my imagination LOL

Day 7 - Sorry if this is gross, but I just finished flossing and I noticed a significant change in how easy it was.  The floss went in my bottom teeth way easier!  Yay, I think it's working :)

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Xenia said...

I think it's great that you're blogging about your experience with Invisalign... I hope they continue to work more and more!