Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Trip To Denver...Continued

We kept pretty busy while we were in Denver.  In addition to all of the food we ate, we visited many places.

We went to the Denver Mint, but they don't allow a single picture.  If you take a picture, they escort you off of the tour.

Another place we visited was the Capitol Building in Denver.  You can do anything you want there as long as you aren't too noisy.  They have tons of beautiful quilts hanging all over the building.  Below are a few of my favorites.

Here is a fun view looking all the way up to the top of the capitol building:

I got a great shot of the Senate Chamber:

Our main reason for being there was my cousin's 8th grade graduation.  Below is a picture of her little class:

My favorite part of the trip was definitely the Wild Animal Sanctuary. They rescue captured exotic and endangered carnivores.  While they are rehabilitating the animals, they live in small-ish areas.  Once they are "tamed", they move to huge open spaces.  I learned that there are more tigers in backyards in Texas than there are left in the world.  It is an awesome place and you should definitely visit if you ever find yourself in Colorado with some free time!

Oh yeah, they also rescue dogs.  That is a humongous dog with my cousin, Tanya.

Above is a tiger in its cage.

Above is a tiger in one of the bigger cages.

We must have come right after feeding time because the lions had a ton of meat!

Above is a male lion hanging out.  He never looked up and I couldn't get any closer! :(

Tigers sure do sleep a lot!

I love this picture.  Big cats are so gorgeous!

I'm really impressed that I fit my whole trip into just two blog posts.  I hope you enjoyed them!


Anonymous said...

I can see the need for keeping such animals in captivity, but it seems so cruel.

Unknown said...

I love tigers! But don't want to take them out of their own natural habitat.
Loved your pictures. What a great trip!

AudreyO said...

I'm puzzled by these comments, this was the neatest place I've ever seen. This non profit is investing time, money and resources to RESCUE these animals. Rescue means that had they left the animal or had they captured and immediately released the animal, the animal would not have survived. This organization rehabilitates the animal so that the animal can survive in the wild.