Monday, August 19, 2013

Motown Museum

An unexpected stop on our Michigan trip was the Motown Museum.  Our cousins were going and we decided to join them.  We were all so glad we went!  Unfortunately, you can't take pictures inside.  But we did get a few pictures outside. :)

This is me under the sign out front.

We let my grandma take a picture of us...I guess she doesn't like our faces ;)

This is our group minus one cousin :)  The right door was the recording studio and the left door was the office.

This is where the magic begins!

A little bit about Motown.

They "renamed" the street.

I had heard of Motown before this tour but I had no idea they were so huge.  I learned that a lot of their artists were very young, that they put Stevie Wonder's favorite candy bar in the same place in the vending machine all the time so he could find it, and even got to see a Michael Jackson hat and glove.  If you are ever in Detroit, check this museum out!

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I have never been there. It looks fun!