Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Fall TV Shows I am Excited to Check Out

I love when the new shoes debut every fall, although it seems like many of my favorites are cancelled after a few episodes.  Some of the new shows I am looking forward to this year are The Crazy Ones, Masterchef Jr., and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Masterchef Jr. is Masterchef but with kids.  It looks like the three chefs are mentoring the kids as opposed to the adults, who they just torment!

Brooklyn Nine-nine looks ridiculous but I love Andy Samberg so much that I am going to try it out.  He just cracks me up!

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Robin Williams' daughter in this show.  They both work for an advertising agency.  It looks pretty funny!

Are there any shows you are looking forward to this fall?

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Hilary said...

If it's Robin Williams, it's got to be good. I hope. :)