Monday, October 5, 2009

Santa Barbara Axxess

My town, Santa Barbara, has their own book like the Entertainment Books.  It is $30 each year and starts on Oct 1.  These books have tons of discounts on golf, retail stores, restaurants, amusement parks and more.

Last year, I only got my Axxess Card punched 6 times, although I used it many other times for non-punching discounts.  My goal this year is to ideally eat at a new restaurant each week, hopefully getting more than 6 punches.  I also want to blog about these new restaurants I go to.

Wish me luck on this endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I can't wait to read your reviews. :)

Dr.John said...

You have been awarded another meaningless internet award. Check here:


KK said...

I love that you're trying to make swiss cheese out of your Axxess Card! I am too, and hope you find some great new favorites.