Friday, October 23, 2009

SB Axxess #2 - China Pavilion

Woohoo, restaurant #2!  Just to remind everyone, I am trying to get more than 6 hole-punches in my Santa Barbara Axxess card this year.  Tonight, we decided to go to China Pavilion on Chapala.  My mom had been there once before, but no one else had.  The Axxess deal was to buy two entrees, get one free.  We saved $11.95.

China Pavilion has appetizers, soups, rices and tons of entrees!  There were 4 of us so we ordered an appetizer and three entrees.  We picked crab rangoons for our appetizer.  Our entrees were Moo Goo Gai Pan, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Pavilion Fried Rice without the sauce

We were all very happy with the food. The filling in the crab rangoons was delicious but I would have loved a bit more.  The Moo Goo was great!  The Sweet and Sour Chicken was awesome.  The Fried Rice was really good, even without the sauce!

This is a restaurant I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting great Chinese food :)

(This is what the outside of the restaurant looks like)

I also want to be clear that I bought the Axxess Book on my own and went to the restaurant on my own.  I received nothing from any mentioned company.

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Anonymous said...

Now you've made me hungry. Sounds wonderful :)