Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boise Food Experiences

I have eaten a lot while in Boise!

We have gone out to breakfast a few times. A place my cousin said I had to try was Merritt's Country Cafe.  They have huge scones that take up a whole plate!  They come with a huge chunk of butter....yum!  We went to Sunrise Family Restaurant.  I ordered the most delicious bacon, avocado and cheese omelet.  The service was a bit slow, but the food was amazing!  Another place we tried was Eddie's Diner.  This place probably had the friendliest service, but the most normal food.  It was just typical diner food.  We also went to The Egg Factory one morning.  They have huge omelets there!  I ordered a cheese omelet and added turkey.....that thing was stuffed with turkey meat!  I was really impressed.

I think I have only gone out to lunch twice.  My aunt took us out to Goodwood Barbecue Company.  Yum!!!!  I got a smoked turkey sandwich with some of the tastiest turkey meat I have ever tried.  I wish I had been hungrier because everyone else ordered salads...they come with eggs, bacon and croutons!!  We went to Granny's one day for lunch also.  I got a club sandwich and it hit the spot!  I also got chicken and dumpling soup, and it was some of the best soup I have ever had :)

We haven't gone out to dinner that much either.  We did go to Golden Corral one night.  You can read about the amazingness that is Golden Corral by clicking here.

We did have a snack one night at Sonic.  We tried their popcorn chicken.  It was really good!!!!

I tried a candy from Lee's Candies.  I got something called a mint sandwich I think.  It really didn't taste any better or worse than an Andies mint.

So if you're ever in Boise, my top recommendations are Goodwood Barbecue Company, Merritt's Country Cafe and Sunrise Family Restaurant.

And now that I'm home....time to eat healthy.  I had a piece of tilapia with steamed broccoli and brown rice for dinner last night LOL

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