Monday, June 21, 2010

Sad Times

So....I can't seem to keep a laptop.  Yesterday, we had some rental car trouble when returning our car to National rental company at the Dulles Airport.  To make up for it, the employee helping my mom offered to personally drive us to the airport terminal.  He loaded our car up, and my mom made a comment about not touching my backpack.  He asked why and I said because it was heavy from my laptop.  When we got to the terminal and he opened the "trunk" (it was an SUV), my backpack went tumbling to the ground.  And now it doesn't work.  My friend thinks the hard drive is toast.  My mom is planning to call National's corporate office and see what they will do for us.  Even though it was an accident, it is their "fault".  Sigh!!!!


Anonymous said...

ACK. poor thing. I hope it gets taken care of for you. That sucks. Buy an iPad. You'll love it :)

MommieDaze said...

Oh, man. Hope they replace it for you. My five year old smashed the screen on my husband's laptop a few weeks ago. $300 to fix it.

Smellyann said...

Frustrating!!!! My hubs can't keep one either, I need to get him a third one in as many years. oy.

Adding your button to my new blog! :D