Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh No!

I haven't blogged since Wednesday!

Not much has gone on.  That girl at work still totally bugs me.  My mom put in a phone call to National about my laptop and we are waiting to hear back.

And I REALLY want a dog!  My mom has now said after we get back from our 4th of July getaway we can look.  Thank goodness my dad is willing to be at our house taking care of my geckos while we keep leaving town!!!

I really want to go read peoples' blogs now, so I think I am going to cut this post short so I can do that.  I am way behind on reviews so keep your eyes posted for reviews and a giveaway or two :)


Anonymous said...

How about a dog that will babysit your geckos. Kill two birds with one stone. :)

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Thom has a wonderful idea!

Dogs are so much fun. I use to have an iguana, but dogs are different. Good luck...hopefully you get one. I was just talking to my husband about getting a dog today. Originally I was thinking we should wait a few years, but I am beginning to change my mind. I think it is because I am really missing my cat!

Kidazy said...
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Mevolving said...

OH you will TOTALLY love having a dog! I recommend labs (2yrs+ from a rescue or shelter) because they are fabulous dogs :D I am biased though. That said mutts are just as GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Becca - good luck with the new dog. Gecko, huh? That's exotic.

p.s. I hope you get that gift of a house in your home town. Thanks for stopping by for Aloha Friday.

Karissa@Withourbest said...

I think you are pretty darn funny and dogs are the best! I have been a follower (twitter & GFC) of your blog for awhile. I absolutely love it! I just started a blog myself! I would love it if you followed me back! – Karissa