Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Day Today

We have pretty much just been hanging out so far in Boise, but today we had some adventures!

Around lunch time, we headed over to the Boise Greek Food Festival.  It is at the Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church.  The suggested donation was only $1 per person, so it only cost us $4 total!  We had a delicious lunch there.  My cousin and I both ate spanakopita - which is filo dough filled with spinach and cheese.  My dad had a gyro with lamb and tzatiki sauce.  For dessert we tried kourabiethes (which are basically butter cookies coated in a pound of powdered sugar) and koulourakia (which are sweet cookie twists).  Both desserts were really yummy, but I would suggest the koulourakia first since it is WAY less sweet than the kourabiethes.  The festival is also going on tomorrow (Saturday), so don't miss it!

During some down time, my dad and I went to Big Lots.  We don't have one of those in Santa Barbara, or anywhere close by.  I think we went up and down every single aisle!  At one of the food aisles, I thought I was going to get in a fight with a lady.  She stopped to ask me a question, and I nicely told her I didn't work there.  She looked at me like I was crazy and rudely asked, "Well, haven't you shopped here before?"  I think I nicely replied that I actually hadn't shopped there before since I was from out of town and then her whole attitude changed and she laughed and said "I've never been here either."  People are so weird!  Anyhow...I did find some cool cards for Father's Day and tons of random food.  They had Pesto flavored Nish Nosh!  Yum!

And for dinner, we all went out to Golden Corral.  I think they might be better than Hometown Buffet.  They have a great salad bar, which I barely took advantage of since I don't like most veggies.  But they also had an asian section, tons of bread choices (including cornbread!), 3 kinds of ribs and tons of other meats, fish, mac & cheese, pizza and more!  And the desserts...omg!!!  I only had a rice krispie treat and a chocolate brownie and it was too much!  We don't have one of these anywhere near us, so I enjoy going while I'm up here.

And now here I am...just relaxing :)


Anonymous said...

LOL..too funny the conversation with the lady at Big Lots. I'm assuming it's like a grocery store. Never heard of it before. don't work there so I best not ask you any questions about it. I love Gyro's. They have a Greek festival here in Ala Moana Park. It's fun to go to and sample the food and watch the entertainment. :)

I also don't know what the Golden Corral is. Boy there are some different things in the mainland. But I suppose you don't work there either so I better shut my mouth ROFLMAO!!

Sounds like a fund day you had :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. Whoa, that was something else about the lady shopper at Big Lots.