Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Trip to Michigan

Hi everyone!  I really want to start blogging again so I am starting with something easy - my trip to Michigan in May for my cousin's wedding.  Our trip was amazing!  We went to really fun places, the wedding was beautiful, and spending time with family was great!

We started our tours at the Henry Ford Museum.  The museum is huge and they have so many different exhibits to see!

I love the Weinermobile.  Don't you?

This is a picture of me driving farm equipment. HAHA

My grandparents are in the front seat and our cousins are in the back of the fancy car!

I love the old TVs they had there.  They also had a ton of other "old" items to look at.

This was in the 80s display case.  I had a Simon game just like this as a kid!

They had a ton of awesome cars like this 1915 Brewster.  I don't know anything about cars - I just appreciate how awesome they look!

It made me laugh to see this 1983 Honda Accord there.  I still see these driving around the streets sometimes!

This 1906 Rapid Bus is just awesome.  It is so different from buses today!

I will save more of my adventures in Michigan for the next post so this one doesn't get too long!


Karen H said...

I was born and raised in Michigan. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Haven't been to Henry Ford Museum or Greenfield Village for over 30 years.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Looks like you had a great trip!