Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol - Top 5

Well, last week was a heart-breaker for me.  I love Casey Abrams and was sooooo sad to see him go.  I guess Scotty is my second favorite now.

Tonight, contestants had to sing one current song and one song from the past.  I love that they had Sheryl Crow there to help everyone.  I think she is a fantastic singer!  Ummm why did they point out Anthony Hopkins and Kelly Preston but not Dax Shepard?  Dax Shepard is wonderful.

James Durbin - I think I didn't really relate to either of his songs.  He did a good job on both of them, I just felt kinda neutral about them.  I guess a better thing to say might be that I wasn't compelled to vote for him!  I do like that his son has the same name as my doggie though...great name!

Jacob Lusk - I love that Jacob is starting to get more into his performances.  He is entertaining now in addition to having a great voice.  But...I didn't love his song choices this week.  I think after his great outfit and song choice last week - he just couldn't live up this week.  I think I am most worried about him!

Lauren Alaina - I think she is my second favorite...or even tied with Scotty!  Could I be a closet country music lover??  Both of Lauren's performances tonight were amazing!  I knew she was still in high school, but I had forgotten just how young she is!  If her voice is this strong now, what will it be like 10 years from now???

Scotty McCreery - I always love all of his performances.  He is just an amazing country singer.  He has found his niche and he is excellent at it!  It is just great that he introduces me to new songs that are awesome all the time.  One of my favorite things in life is finding new music that I love.

Haley Reinhart - I thought it was cool that Haley did an unreleased Gaga song.  I have a friend who is literally obsessed with Gaga so I think I have heard that song before...and I thought she really did a good job with it!  Her second second song was good also.  She has really grown on me since the beginning of the season.

I miss them having the voices of the singers thanking you for voting.  The monotone guy just doesn't do much for me!

What did you think?

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